Infected is a modern horror game set in the world of today and puts the players in a world where the UK, as well and the rest of the world is fighting a growing outbreak of an infection which reduces those bitten into mindless, dangerous cannibals. Aside from the obvious dangers clues and evidence has been uncovered that the virus responsible for the outbreak, ARGUS, is present on the UK mainland. The UK government will pay a handsome reward for finding samples though a group, possibly an enemy government or other rogue agency is paying mercenaries from Blackwater Inc to defend it’s secrets.

Season 2 starts where Season 1 left off, with the characters who managed to escape by helicopter from the hell that was Sheerness across the channel to the relative safety of Essex and into Camp Southend, an military compound armed with soldiers who’s task it is to defend the London Line from the growing zombie outbreak. Do the players stay and attempt to work out the riddle of the infection or do they leave and head north hoping to find a place of safety?

Its up to you in Infected Season 2.

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